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Interview With Dr. Michael Chai on Health and Wellness

September 22, 2015 by admin

What is more important than physical health?  Spiritual health?  Besides being healthy spiritually, I can’t imagine anything that is important as ones health.

How do you define health?  Is it absence of disease? Is it having vitality and energy?  Is it not having to go to the doctor?

I think it’s achieving ones highest potential of fitness and having a piece of mind that ones risk for various diseases is lowered to its lowest potential, while enjoying the food and activity that promotes the best results.

Obviously achieving health doesn’t happen by an accident. It is a byproduct of a deliberate thought process carried out through structured behavioral pattern.   It requires time and energy.   However it should not consume one’s life.

In order for the implementation of a healthy lifestyle one needs an assessment.   This is where I come in.  I spend the time with you to go over your individual risk factors through obtaining family history and laboratory studies as well as various questionnaires which will reveal your individual risk for various diseases. Then we become a team to incorporate lifestyle changes to either to prevent or reverse medical conditions.

There’s a need for education and there is a need for ample time on each visit to thoroughly investigate the need areas and to be creative to overcome the difficult hurdles.

The goals may be lofty but will be met when we work together with motivation and enthusiasm.   Your healthcare experience will never be the same.


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Dr. Michael Chai is a concierge medical doctor dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible primary care. Dr. Chai’s concierge medical practice provides enhanced care, including a commitment to limiting patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient.

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